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Free Android Market |Data Toggle Pro v103 (103) Android Apk App

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Da Toggle Pro v103

Requirement By Download Apk File | Andro Apps | Andro Market | Ebetandroidapk.blogpot.com
: Andro 2.2 and up

Overview: Switch mobile packet da on/off from bar. Simple plan da usage monitor. Auto disable da if plan limit reach. Plan usage alert…


See toggle ste in stus bar. Set auto on/off limit & timer. Multiple icon & widget style. Set default da ste boot. Btery sav sett. Work with LTE, 4G, 3G, 2G, CDMA, EVDO, GSM, HSDPA, GPRS, EDGE, all carrier worldwide, and Andro verion 2.2+ includ ICS 4.x.

PRICE REDUCED for limit time! The mo feure rich and easy to use Andro da switcher available. Work on the widet variety of verion and carrier. Control the da sett directly as oppos to modify APN sett. Displays the actual ste of da switch sett regardles of how it was turd on or off.

Tir of search through several menus to switch off your da? Forgot to turn your da off? Over your plan limit? Mobile da runn your btery down? Not sure if your mobile da is on or off?

Da Toggle Pro is an EASY solution to thee problem. Take control of your usage by choos when to enable or disable mobile da automagily.

+ Toggle mobile da right from your notificion bar and o click.

+ Display a stus bar icon to always easily see when the sett is on or off

+ Automily monitor actual mobile plan da usage and see it clearly right in the notificion bar

+ Auto disable da once a customizable level of mobile plan usage has been reach, for example 99%

+ Keep packet da disabl (enforce regardles of any other app or pho sett), once your deir level of plan da has been us up

+ Receive alert when a deir da usage limit has been reach (and get remind thereafter per your schedule)

+ Use the includ widget on your home screen with or with the stus bar toggle

+ Set a simple auto off timer so you don’t forget to disable it, for example turn it off after o hour.

+ Use a da tranfer limit to prevent of control plan usage, for example, turn it off after 10MB have tranferr.

+ Control the “default” da ste when your device boot.

+ Set a daily timer to enable and/or disable da, for example enable 8am and disable 10pm. AKA “night mode”. Repe timer if it was miss, for example if the pho was power off when timer was suppos to fire.

+ Select from several different stus/notificion bar & widget icon style.

+ Auto-disable/enable da when your screen turn off/on, and coordine screen off time with runn timer

+ Turn off da automily if your btery run below a deir percentage

+ Add text to make the widget blend in with other icon on your home screen

+ Conerve plan usage and btery by disabl mobile da when it’s not ed

+ Adju widget alignment with repect to other home screen shortcut to keep th look gre!

To enure t toggle sett work on your device, try the LITE verion firt which include only a simple widget. Unintall the LITE verion before upgrad to PRO.

Important Coniderion:

1.) Andro verion 3.x and higher (includ Ice Cream Sandwich) auto-dim the stus bar icon. Unfortunely t is a deign decision by Google and cannot be chang. The icon in Da Toggle are clearly visible regardles of t issue.

2.) The da sett in your pho’s “nive” menu may not upde in real time, although Da Toggle is written to control it directly. If you see the sett is different from wh Da Toggle report, exit the pho’s menu and open it again to see the mo accure ste which will always mch wh Da Toggle reads.

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