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Free Android Market |LEDed - a CM9 / CM10 Theme v2

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 | 4:13 AM

Requirement: Andro 4.0+
Overview: Rock the dott LEDs, man!
you miss the olden days of pixell screen and icon made up of
point, dot mrix print and green text on black backgrounds, t
theme might be for you!

A sooth, green theme rock it like it's 1987.

!!! Tablet support is broken on Jelly Bean / CM10 !!!

theme have gerally been found work on the follow device
runn CyanogenMod 9/10 and/or AOKP: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Galaxy
SII,Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Note, HTC O X.

T o is *specifily* intend for XHDPI device runn 720x1280 pixel like the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3.

Tablet owr *will* be disappoint, so don't buy it!
Well, lea don't buy it and 1-star me

The home screen icon are my creion too, they aren't part of the theme, but they're available here for free:
https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B3i0e ... hXbEk/edit

IF YOU HAVE ISSUES or quetion, please direct them support@circlemod.dk
I can't communice with you through the review section.
Your comment may not even be *visible* to me, depend on the regional sett


T theme applie via the Theme Chooser.
1. Intall t app.
2. Open Andro Sett and select Theme.
3. Select "LED" and pres the "Apply" button.
4. Reboot
!! Reboot make the theme apply properly. It's important. Tru me

Please contact support@circlemod.dk

an add bonus, when you purchase any of my theme, you support The
Plantion Project and make a bunch of kids happy win/win/win.
Check http://circlemod.dk for further info.

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