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Free Android Market |System Tuner Pro 2.4 (Android) APK

Written By Unknown on Monday, August 27, 2012 | 9:00 AM

System Tur Pro 2.4 (v2.4) (Andro) APK

Overview: The mo complete Andro tur and manager for all your pho and tablet!

Requirement: Andro OS 1.5 and up

Market Upde Releas: Augu 26, 2012

Price: $3.69

b7sjD System Tur Pro 2.4 (Andro) APK 3EFiT System Tur Pro 2.4 (Andro) APK


The mo complete Andro system suite: monitor and record all activitie, backup and retore *any* applicion, extend task killer, CPU SD and memory control, logc reader, terminal emulor, widget and notificion, all in o highly optimiz app!

WARNING: System Tur Pro Require WIFI, BT, PHONE and GPS permission to record pho ste. App check with Privacy Inpector!

By far the lowet conumption monitor app! Check web-site for app conumption!

You can add shortcut to your home screen for any of the below feure/screen!

System Tur Pro

Task Manager: (can be set as main UI, see option)

- Filter user/system/kerl procese and exclusion li

- Show cpu load/frequency, memory/internal/sd usage

- Sort procese by cpu time, start time, memory or by name

- Kill non manually exclud apps automily

- Show detail informion ab runn apps and procese

- Open app system sett

- Read app logc

- Manually kill runn apps

CPU Manager (root pho):

- Tweak CPU governor + frequencie dur screen-off, on-l

- Tweak CPU voltage (when available on custom Kerl)

- Set CPU sett on boot

- Use OC/deamon when available and can disable it

Extend Task Killer

- Kill non-exclud apps automily or manually

- Kill apps dur screen-on, screen-off or when widget refrehe

- Manually exclude or include apps

- All system apps are exclud by default

- Manually kill kerl procese (root)

- Display memory and SD detail (RAM & internal)

Applicion Manager with root:

- Backup/retore/unintall user apps, only APKs are back-up

- Launch and read app logc

Applicion Manager with root:

- Freeze/unfreeze apps

- Remove app from boot, enabl/disabl any app event

- Backup/retore/unintall any apps and sett, includ system apps

- Launch and read app logc (disabl on JellyBean)

- Display applicion da and cache usage

- Sort applicion by name, da usage or cache usage

- Move any apps to/from system/user/SD space

- Clear cache or dalvik cache (mu reboot after)

Activity Recorder:

- Record (optionally boot) activitie in the background

- Record all apps or all procese

- Record pho ste (screen, wifi, bluetooth, gps, mobile da, signal)

- Import Btery Monitor Widget Pro da for detail analysis!

- Allow analyz pa record with limit

Logc Reader:

- Display log(c) for all/o proces

- Filter logc by mesage level

- Filter logc bas on user-defid text

- Save logc to file

- Clear exist logc (root)

Terminal Emulor:

- Keeps tory of previously us Linux commands

- Save put to file

- Run pre-exist script

- Run commands as Super User (root)

System Tweaker (root):

- build.prop and sysctl editor

- Tweak SD cache size to boo performance

- Tweak IO scheduler to boo performance

- App booster on boot (APK aligment + DB cleanup)

- Tweak Andro auto-kill memory sett

- Use Linux init.d script when available


- Show cpu load, frequency, governor, free/us memory (flash/internal/sd)

- Show mo informion (cpu, memory, internal, SD)

- Optionally show a configurable graphic time-li

- Provid as external package, many available for white/black notificion backgrounds


- Many different widget backgrounds: HTC Sene 2 or 3, Google, Glassy half, ICS or fully tranparent.

- Show cpu load, frequency, governor, free/us memory (flash/internal/sd), proces count us text or 2 side level.

- Start 2 different action by click on the icon or label, includ:

. Start/stop record proces activity

. Kill all non-exclud procese

. Refreh

. Start any app activitie

. Open sett

KW: advanc task killer system pal backup retore record k manager analysis logc cpu memory sdcard sd su root auto kill governor frequency frequencie terminal analyzer apps andro system tweak

Wh’s in System Tur Pro verion 2.4:

  • Work-around for JellyBean logc reader com soon

  • New se theme: white, yellow, orange and automic

  • New dmeg reader (kerl log)

  • New French tranlion

  • Fix long delays us auto-kill from widget

  • Sett are upd when pres home, not only with back button

Release highlight:

  • 2.3.4: Improve auto-kill handl (but still imperfect)

  • 2.3.3: New Korean tranlion (thank Jang)

  • 2.3: New build.prop editor

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Download System Tur Pro 2.4 (v2.4) (Andro) APK




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