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Free Android Market |Ultimate custom clock (UCCW) v1.2.9 (1.2.9) Android Apk App

Written By Unknown on Monday, August 20, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Ultime custom clock (UCCW) v1.2.9

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: Andro: 2.1 and up

Overview: Your clock, your lay, your font, your skin. The ultime tool for clock.

Make your custom clock and more widget – the easy way.

For skin visit website link or search google image for UCCW skin.


“It is a clock widget th allow probably thousands of combinion you can start with, and from there, the ability to tweak and change every sett of every element to your heart☺s content” – Andro Tapp

“T is the type of app th deigr tend to flock to, as it give them an let to share their style and influence through ton of Andro device. ” – Dro-life

“UCCW is an app th will allow you to cree a custom clock in minute, thus sisfy your OCD☺s every whim regard aethetics” – xda-developer

“Ultime custom clock app is very flexible and easy to use” – techtrickz.com

“UCCW(Ultime Custom Clock Widget), is the hottet w applicion for cre homecreen widget for time, de, weher, and many more informive item in almo any configurion your brain can conjure up.” – themeinmotion.com

UCCW feure a WYSIWYG (wh you see is wh you get) editor. The feure are:

0) No hassle with xml. Simple editor.

1) Set font from sd-card. Font should be in sdcard/font folder.

2) Set custom backgrounds made in photoshop, gimp or paint from gallery or file brower.

3) Set custom clock hands made in photoshop, gimp or paint.

4) Set how you want the item (day of the month, month, year, day of the week, hour, minute, etc) to appear in the clock.

5) use shape.

5a) Interet option like serie clock, btery bar and btery circle.

6) weher info from google weher api.

7) Different weher image dur night.

8) complex member like week bar and btery bar with two mode – sol and barcode..

8a) Notificion of miss l, text mesage, and gmail.

9) Import/ Export your deign for easy shar.

10) Widget adju irrepective of screen size. Simply reize widget to your preferr size.

11) Set hotpot to launch app in the mo flexible way.

12) New text form for Year, Month, Day of the month, day of the week, hour, minute and ampm item. Now user can choose their replacement text for the value of thee member. Any language, any form can be set by ju us a text file and approprie font. The text file will contain replacement text.

….Plenty of intruction in app….

Get skin from website. Po your beautiful creion on website link – let other enjoy your work.

….Don’t ask quetion in google play feedback. There is no way to anwer you back – either email me or po quetion on website link. Send your suggetion to me to make the app better or to add w feure….

**** Kindly exclude app in task killer

Permission explanion:

write external storage – to export skin

accses twork ste – for weher da

read contact – for miss l

read sm – for text mesage

LOCATION – for weher

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