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Free Android Market |Voice Speed Dial v1.2.16

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Requirement: Andro OS 1.6 +, LuckyPcher

Overview: Imagi the convenience of l your friends and
family with hav to look up their pho number or dial. Cyberon
Voice Speed Dial put you in control us the power of your voice.


T innovive app is the perfect solution to make l with
ed your hands ☺ when you're driv, walk, exercis, or do
other task. Cyberon Voice Speed Dial even allow you to use your
Bluetooth headset (for Andro 2.2 or above) to make l safer when
you're driv.

The voice recognition is highly accure because you cree a "voice
tag" in advance for each peron you would like to l. It's quick,
easy, and allow the app to recognize virtually any voice (there is no
language barrier).

Ju say someo's name... the app will quickly recognize your speech
and dial th peron for you. No more search through your addres
book or try to remember a pho number!


Befit of Cyberon Voice Speed Dial include:

* Make pho l us your voice - The app listen to you for hands-free dial

* Easy to use - It's so convenient th you'll want to use it every time you l, even when your hands are free

* Save time - No ed to look up someo's pho number or search for their name in your pho

* Make l while driv safer - Avo distraction with t simple, hands-free solution

* No more wrong number - The voice recognition is fa and accure because it is bas on your actual speech

* Perfect for busy profesional - Always on the go? Now, talk with your client and colleague will be easier

* No language barrier - The app will recognize virtually any voice,
with language limition. The app's display support 20 language


To enable Bluetooth hands-free voice dial, please make sure to check thee item:

1. Make sure th the plform of your pho is Andro 2.2 (Froyo) or
above, and your headset support Bluetooth hands-free profile.

2. Retart your pho after intall Cyberon Voice Speed Dial.

3. Re-pair your Bluetooth headset and pho after intall Cyberon Voice Speed Dial, if they have been pair.

Wh's in t verion:


Reolve the app could not go to sett page on andro 4.0.3



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