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Written By Unknown on Sunday, September 30, 2012 | 9:00 AM

 1Tap Quick Bar 1.1.2

Current Verion: 1.1.2

Require Andro: 2.0.1 and up

Cegory: Peronalizion

V1.1.2 upde:

V 1.1.2

- Add language pack: Arabic, Wetern Fari, Portuguee.

- Add ability to re-order quickbar.

- Various bug fixe.

Full change log: http://rootunintaller.com/1tap-quic…change-log-2/

Requir permission: http://rootunintaller.com/1tap-quick-bar/permission/

Website: http://rootunintaller.com/1tap-quick-bar/

Facebook: http://goo.gl/pVfuF


1Tap Quick Bar is the bet notificion customizion app for Andro. It helps you to do mo common task in a shorter time, such as change Wifi sett, l your wife, add an event, launch an favorite game ju in 1-click. It alo offer a way to cree a beautiful notificion bar.

** New verion support widget with a ton of customizion and shortcut. Long pres on home screen to add a w o **

How 1tap Quick Bar work?

You can add mo of task into notificion bar and quickly kick it off in 1tap. It support over 60 built-in task, includ

☺ Direct dial

☺ Direct mesage,

☺ 1-tap direct web page launcher,

☺ Applicion shortcut

☺ Applicion launcher

☺ Direct email label

☺ New event, w mesage

☺ Hidden system activitie

☺ 3rd task: ram booster

☺ Media control

☺ Etc,.

A quick bar appearance can be twist in many ways, such as background, icon set, text color, stus icon, etc,. to make it the mo beautiful notificion bar.

How to work 1tap Quick Bar?

A quick bar is a special notificion th stays on notificion area. It compose up to 6 action with fully customize it color, text, background. Action are cegoriz into 5 main groups:

☺ Sett: quickly toggle a sett or launch useful sett shortcut (upto 50 type).

☺ Applicion: launch chosen applicion.

☺ Shortcut: launch shortcut supplied by other applicion

☺ Contact: to make a l, send a sm or email to chosen contact

☺ Misc: several built-in commands, hidden activitie

There are several special action th help you to discover hidden applicion on your device, such as Applicion☺s shortcut, la l, btery info, etc,.

The deign tab helps you to customize any part of a quick bar.

Free verion support o quick bar. Upgrade to Pro verion enjoy more quick bar


☺ I don☺t want icon on stus bar.

Every quick bar ed an icon on the stus bar due to Andro system limit. However, you can change the default stus bar icon to ☺tranparent☺ (see deign tab). Mo of case, it doe wh you want.

☺ Quick Bar close automily when I click on an item?

Prior to Hoycomb, Andro close automily notificion bar when click.

T will not happen on wer verion.

☺ Why some action doe not work

Since Andro security model chang, some function are limit, other oped. Not all function work on any device. Manufacturer/custom ROMs add more complexity to t. We sugget you to try them before permantly add into your quick bar, epecially, mobile da, GPS, music control. We are work hard to support the bet solution for you.

☺ Wh is ☺La l☺ item?

T item is only available on ☺pho☺ which support to make l. It will dial the let number (go, incom or miss l).

☺ Notificion background not display right in my Gerbread device?Th☺s a kerl bug, sometime notificion doe not display correctly on older Andro verion. Newer Andro (ICS, Jelly bean) already fix t issue.

☺ Wh is De/Day of Week/Month stus icon?

Time stus icon will display current de/day of week/month on your stus bar,

and it automily upde to mch your time.

☺ I don☺t know t item is whether Wifi toggle or Wifi sett shortcut

Some sett item use same icon reource,

you can set to always show action label from deign sett.

☺ I can☺t unintall t app

If you enable device admin, you should disable it before unintall. To disable goto Home> Menu> Sett> Security> Device Administror, then uncheck 1tap Quick Bar> Deactive, then back to applicion manager to unintall it.

kw: Notificion Toggle, toggle sett, customizion, widgeto, quick launcher, tasker





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