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Free Android Market |Battery Booster (Ad-Free) v5.5 Apk Android

Written By Unknown on Saturday, September 8, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Btery Booster - Boo Your Btery's Runn Time and Max Btery Life

Btery Booster is an all-in-o btery boost and power management tool for both Andro smartpho and tablet. It provide the mo accure btery informion, keeps track of the recent btery change, monitor btery-drain procese, and helps you deal with various btery wast situion ease.


- Interactive deign

- Automic btery sav mode

- Btery usage track & monitor

- Quick twork & screen control

*Support language: English, Korean, Japae, Simplified Chie, Traditional Chie, French

*Feure detail*

- Real-time btery usage track

Btery Booster provide real-time btery informion, includ btery level, btery temp, remain btery usage time, and so on.

- Btery sav mode to save btery all condition

Btery Booster offer four preet btery sav mode to help you save more power. Thee mode wch your system performance and save btery all possible situion. Beide, peronaliz mode are welcom to be add if you ed advanc btery sav technique.

-Btery graph to track btery level/temp/voltage change

Three graphs are given in Btery Booster to track the recent three days btery informion, includ btery level, temp, and voltage. You can use thee stistics to analyze and find the mo effective btery sav mode for yourelf.

-Monitor btery conumption of each runn program

Btery Booster keeps an eye on all runn procese, and show you the btery conumption rio of each proces. With t informion, you will easily find the btery-drain procese, stop or unintall them to enhance btery life.

-Quick Sett and Homecreen widget

For easy management of daily us element, fifteen quick control button are available to be add on Homecreen: WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile da, Airpla, screen time, brights, haptic feedback, etc. It only take o li space to add thee button, yet with them you will no longer ed the system sett to adju twork or screen. If widget is not your choice, thee button are available in Btery Booster sett, too.

-Task Killer to save more btery

Btery Booster save btery by kill runn background procese. For apps th you do not want to kill, you can use Whiteli Manager to protect. Furthermore, with the advanc task manager (Memory Booster - Andro RAM Optimizer), Btery Booster can perform better and help you get the bet btery sav reult!



* Interactive deign for easy control

* Simple yet effective btery sav feure


* Btery sav mode to automily manage btery-rel sett

* Monitor btery usage to extend btery runn time

* Manage runn procese to reduce btery drain

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