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Free Android Market |JEFIT Pro – Workout & Fitness v4.3.0914 (4.3.0914) Android Apk App

Written By Unknown on Saturday, September 15, 2012 | 9:00 AM

JEFIT Pro – Work & Fits v4.3.0914

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: 1.6+

Overview: Profesional bodybuild, weight train and work app. Sync reult with PC.


T is the Pro ads-free verion of the JEFIT Work Applicion, it include all the function from JEFIT Free plus some extra feure for pay user:

Why JEFIT is the BEST Work App :

- Larget exercise and ri dabase on the web and applicion

- Full Two – Way Synchronizion with onli JEFIT Profile.

- Easiet way to track your work, cree ri, body stistics and lift progres, save all progres to keep you motiv for further exercis, fits and work.

- Completely customizable ri and exercise to cree a weekly work ri all your own.

Work Ri Planr :

- User friendly work ri manager.

- Easily cree own work ri base on built-in exercise or custom exercise.

- Adjustable set for each exercise.

- Support multiple ri. Easily switch among Bulk,Cutt,Geral and Sport Specific ri.

Smart Logg System :

- Automic input weight and reps when you do exercise.

- Automic record your 1RM (1 rep maximum) for each set.

- Automic save your bet lift record for each exercise.

Two-Way Synchronizion :

- Synchronize your iPho Work Da with your Onli Profile.

- Store informion and da on the JEFIT Server and recover info in an intant

- No ed to log into website to record work da.

- Synchronize to download work ri onto your pho

Progres Track System :

- Graphic chart for track both body st and lift st

- Track weight,body f, height, chet, wai, arm, shoulder, forearm,ck,hip,thighs and ve

- Auto-cule your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Detail Exercise Dabase :

- Built-in hundreds of weight train exercise cegoriz by body part

- Search Function allow for ease of find and search exercise for work and ri

- Contain 500+ exercise intruction, animion and tips

- Track Cardio, Weight Lift, Fits and Strength Train Exercise.

- Intant Work Function allow for user to perform an exercise with hav to edit ri

Ret Timer :

- Adjustable ret timer between set dur a work.

- Reminder for wh exercise ed to do xt for their work.

- Show previous train log of the incom exercise while tak break.

Progres and Profile Photos

- Ability to take Progres/Profile Photos with Pho’s Built In Camera

- Upload Image to your JEFIT Profile with hav to turn on a computer with o-click uploads

- Cree Photo Album dedic to your Progres Photos on the JEFIT Website

- Upload picture intantly to be set as your Profile or Avar Photos

Interval Timer

- Countdown interval timer to perform exercise under a certain time limit

- Stop wch function to time your work

- O click intant switch between function

User Review:

- ☺JEFIT is the BEST Work App EVER! The combinion of downloadble ri to mix up your work with the ability to graph and track your bodybuild progres onli☺

- ☺JEFIT is the bet bodybuild applicion on the market, ver go to the gym with it☺

- ☺T bodybuild app is perfect☺

- ☺I have us previous bodybuild apps but t o take the cake, work are easier to track and I ver go to the gym with it☺

- ☺Hands down the bet bodybuild app available, I Love It!☺

*Note: To utilize the synchronizion feure, a JEFIT.com Account is requir to back up your da and keep track of your stistics with the JEFIT Website. Cree a FREE JEFIT Account  www.jefit.com.

For more quetion and anwer, go to our FAQ page on the JEFIT Website. For more informion ab the JEFIT Andro Work/Bodybuild Applicion, view our Feure page or download the Andro User Manual.

The JEFIT Andro Applicion is brought to you by JEFIT Inc, o of the fastet grow work and bodybuild applicion and website today. Give JEFIT a try and see why million of user have chosen the JEFIT Work Applicion to befit their work and exercise.

Wh’s in t verion:

1.) Security Upde

2.) Upd and Improv Synchronizion Functionality (10x Performance and Speed) – user’s will be able to synchronize their da and informion to our server much more quickly and efficiently than before. T is epecially notic by user’s with larger da file th are be synchroniz to our server.

3.) Performance Enhancement

4.) Fix Avar and Profile Picture Upload and Download Functionality

5.) Various Bug Fixe

T app has NO advertisement

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