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Free Android Market |Pocket Planets v1.0.2 (1.0.2) APK Android Apk App

Written By Unknown on Monday, September 3, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Pocket Plat v1.0.2 APK

Requir Andro O/S : 2.2+



Pocket Plat is the larget 3D Solar System Simulor in the Google Play Store.

With s repreention of the Sun, Plat, Moon, Asteroids, Dwarfs and detail informion to the celetial object.

Regardles if you are a beginr or advanc astronomer, t App br you closer to the plat than any telecope.

Discover …

the Sun, the bright shin star in the center of our Solar System

Mercury, the fastet plat orbit around our Sun

Venus, it greenhouse effect produce a surface temperure th would even br lead to melt

Earth, the blue oasis and only place fill with life

Mar, inpirion for many SciFi film and book

Jupiter, the giant, guardian and protector in our ighborhood

Surn, with r of unique beauty and elegance

Uranus, which roll over it orbit like a bowl ball

Neptu, the ermo recogniz plat

Pluto, o of a w cegory of dwarf plat

But thee are not all object of t simulor, because so far you do not know Orcus, Varuna, Cere, Pallas, Haumea and all the other asteroids and dwarf plat. Not to mention Sedna whose orbit is still speculive to science.

Nearly 200 object are includ in t simulor, but not as stic image, rher as liv object in a liv univere. Enjoy the Solar System in realtime, in the future or pa.

Br the cosmos to life with an innovive timelider. Let time take it coure, how fa depends on the se factor of the timelider. A wipe with your fer and the simulor come to life.

For a more exit view experience various camera mode are available. Attach the camera to a plat or place it a fix locion in space and let the celetial bodie pass by, in portrait or landscape mode, whever you prefer.

And th’s still not all. A built in encyclopedia give you useful informion ab each object of the simulion, extract from Wikipedia.

So wh are you wait for, don’t miss t view experience, there is no easier way to explore the wonderful world beyond our plat.

And if you ever feel “Lo in Space”, don’t worry, because it ju a simulion.


Nearly 200 simulion object

Simulion of real celetial body distance and dimenion

Adjustable simulor time with an innovive timelider

Flexible camera system for a unique view experience

Portrait and landscape mode

Many HD texture, some of original record (NASA Voyager, Cassini spacecraft)

Many preference option

Ephemeris da bas on NASA Horizon system

Orbit culion with modified Kepler algorithm

Encyclopedia function, the mo important informion from Wikipedia

Wh’s in t verion : (Upd : Sep 16, 2012)

New super smooth UI modeEarth now with clouds

Now function to set simulor to system time

Wh’s w dialog

Zoom limit

Additional option menus


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