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Free Android Market |Ram Expander (SWAP) 1.57 (Android) APK

Written By Unknown on Sunday, September 16, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Ram Expander (SWAP) 1.57 (v1.57) (Andro) APK

Overview: Virt. Memory expanion up to 4.0 GB. Swapfile manager with Top Speed!

Requirement: Andro OS 2.1 and up

Market Upde Releas: Augu 31, 2012

Price: $9.12

dr6Bp Ram Expander (SWAP) 1.57 (Andro) APK GfbcA Ram Expander (SWAP) 1.57 (Andro) APK

Up to 4.0 GB of memory per click! Andro 1.6 – 4.1 with root acces and external SD CARD! More memory mean, the background service can not be stopp, and many program will work correctly in the firt place!

Language: German and English


- use free external SD card as RAM memory (RAM SWAP / SWAP MEMORY)

- RAM expanion up to 4 GB swapfile

- The usual performance losse occur when swap sd cards not from class-8

- Widget for PNP swap (swap on / swap off)

- Detail informion storage and analysis

- Autostart function

- Swappis kerl parameter set

- Use simple child’s play

(1 click optimizion and automic culion)

- Support of all Andro device with Tung (root acces and support Kerlwap)

Note: please try before you buy with our app “https://play.google.com/store/apps/detail?=com.roehsoft.meminfo” whether their device ROEHSOFT RAM Expander is compible, thank you!

Should there still be problem, please contact me before they write such requet to the Review forum!

too little memory? equal no more! More game to play and run more applicion once! Moreover, you ed only increase your memory. Last up to 4.0 GB! Memory increase, rher than us Task Killer or memory optimizer.

ROEHSOFT Ram Expander is more effective than any other tool of it kind Why? The Firt find !

ROEHSOFT RAM expander widget support via the lightn-quick on and off of extend memory.

Dadruch can remove the SD card depite swapfile or provide via USB.

Alo, you can raise important th control basic kerl parameter for the swapp itelf to the effectives of extend memory.

In order to obtain root acces you may continue to help t Linkk http://shortfuse.org/ .

Particularly favorable entry pho often have little RAM, either here TaskKiller program help further or you use a swapfile, which is sufficient memory available. ROEHSOFT Expander make your device more easily. Many applicion can now run simultaously, and do not have to worry ab your RAM.

Extend every Andro device up to 4 GB of RAM, where it cree a swapfile on the SDCARD.

Maximum size of the swap file is architecture require 4GB!

By sett the value of swappis you can control the behavior of the kerl, the greer the value the more is be ourc.

Please note! For damage th may reult from the use of t software doe not accept liability!

Ram Expander (SWAP) Release highlight:

1:51 Max Memory is now 4.0 GB

1:50 int. Root Support Tool

1:49 Now it is compible with many china model with BRONCHO product…

1:43 The widget will now switch to faster virtual memory on and off.


1:37 Number of Apps th increase remain in the background.

The time for a w l to the repective app decrease zt dramic

1:36 Dynamic Cache Management SD Card

1:34 Landscape mode add

1:32 device compibility increase

cGlN6.th Ram Expander (SWAP) 1.57 (Andro) APK OCfD.th Ram Expander (SWAP) 1.57 (Andro) APK


Download Ram Expander (SWAP) 1.57 (v1.57) (Andro) APK




The po Ram Expander (SWAP) 1.57 (Andro) APK appear firt on Megandroids.

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