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Free Android Market |Spearfishing 2 Pro (2) Android Apk Game

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 | 9:00 AM

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: Andro 2.1+


Get ready for more adventure and deep sea action in Spearfish 2!

Pro verion key feure:

☺ All inclusive div gear pack

☺ 30.000 Fish buck for unlock all the div locion

Additional Feure:

☺ Amaz 3D graphics, animion and visual effect

☺ Hunt 20 type of fish and mari creure

☺ Choose from four different div locion: the lagoon, shallow wer, deep wer, and ice wer, includ a bonus challenge to hunt a creure not seen for millennia…

☺ Each div locion offer five level of difficulty

☺ Earn Fish$ with each succesful task completion.

☺ Select from an inventory of div gear to improve your hunt experience and increase your Fish$ (Fish Buck) earn!

☺ Social media integrion – Get bonus Fish$ each time you po your score to Facebook

☺ GREE (former OpenFeint) Support

Good luck hunt!


Tips & Trick


☺ Calibre the accelerometer on the “Sett” menu.

☺ Change the joystick’s senitivity on the “Sett” menu.

☺ Improve your game performance with better hunt and div gear from the Fish$ Store.

☺ Boo your speed when you use your fin. Be aware! You will deplete oxygen with each boo. Hint: buy extra oxygen tank

☺ Sonar helps you detect fish around you. The r dot repreent predor, green dot repreent the fish you are task to hunt and the yellow dot are other fish in the sea.

☺ Predor or prey? Tap on the fish to learn more ab it.

☺ Unlock the dive locion with Fish$ th you earn for play succesfully. To unlock a locion faster, you can purchase additional F$ from the Fish$ Store. Hint: earn even more F$ by post your score to Facebook!

☺ Po your score to Facebook and earn more Fish$!

☺ Learn your w task by select the green flash envelope.

☺ The faster you complete your task, the bigger Fish$ bonus you will receive! Hint: purchase hunt and div gear to improve your performance.

☺ Task have vary degree of difficulty. The harder the task, the bigger the Fish$ reward!

☺ Depth informion, number of fish caught and their weight are shown on the left pal.

☺ View the fish you caught in the Gallery.

☺ Health stus and live remain are loc on the right pal.



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