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Free Android Market |Tablet Talk v1.5.2 (1.5.2) Android Apk App

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, September 4, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Tablet Talk v1.5.2

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: Andro 2.1 and up

Overview: Tablet Talk – Text Mesage on your Tablet us your Pho Number!


Tablet Talk is THE comprehenive SMS app for tablet. Send and receive text mesage on your tablet us your mobile number–ju as you do on your pho! Tablet Talk integre arly every feure from your pho☺s SMS app, while alo provid other useful function such as Caller ID and quick reply popups. It is a ☺mu have☺ app for a complete tablet experience.

Tablet Talk work by conct your Andro tablet and pho over Bluetooth or WiFi, allow you to text on your tablet anywhere and anytime. At home? Ju conct your tablet and pho to your WiFi twork. At work or on the road? Switch to Bluetooth mode and your tablet can SMS with an intert conction.

When you receive a text, it intantly syncs to your tablet. When you send a text from your tablet, it intantly syncs to your pho, where it is sent us your mobile number. Even stus upde for sent SMS sync intantly to your tablet.

But wh ab when you don☺t have your tablet? Whever you conct your device, Tablet Talk will automily sync any wly sent and receiv text to your tablet, enur your tablet☺s inbox is always up to de!


INSTRUCTIONS: Intall Tablet Talk on both your tablet and pho (you only ed to purchase the app ONCE). Setup is very simple, with detail intruction, troublehoot, and email support all available from within the app. After initial setup, conct is as easy as pres a button. Unles your pho☺s IP addres (WiFi) change or you change pho (Bluetooth), there is no ed to run setup again. WiFi and Bluetooth sett are sav separely so switch between them is seamles. And option like auto-reconct reduce the ed to interact with your pho while us the tablet.


FEATURES: Tablet Talk has too many feure to li, with more always under development. Highlight include:

-Quick reply popup window: ju like your favorite pho SMS app, quickly reply to mesage with exit wh you☺re do!

-Caller ID popup notificion

-Fully functional SMS notificion

-Automily syncs contact name & photos from your Gmail account

-Widget for o-click conct/disconct

-Customize rto & vibre for SMS and Caller ID separely

-Share website, locion, link, & more us Andro☺s built in ☺Share☺ option

-Emoticon :-)

☺ And many more!


SUPPORT: There is a detail help and documention section within the app, which include intruction, FAQ, troublehoot, and more. Additional assistance is available through email  TabletTalkAndro@gmail.com. If you do not receive an email repone within 24 hour, please feel free to reend. Thank you!


If you would like to try Tablet Talk, please note th we have a 48+ hour refund policy. If you are not sisfied, simply send us an email for a refund. Please include either your firt and la name or order number. Refunds will be given within 24 hour. Thank you!


MARKET ISSUES: If the Market doe not let you intall the app on your pho after purchas it on your tablet (or vice vera) then do NOT try to purchase it again! Please try the follow:

1) Andro Sett->Applicion->Manage applicion

2) Select the All tab

3) Scroll down to and select Market

4) Pres the clear cache button

5) Reopen the Market and go to “My apps”

If it still doe not work then email TabletTalkAndro@gmail.com. Do NOT try to repurchase the app!

Wh’s in t verion:


-Improv Wifi performance.

-Fix duplice sent mesage.

-Chang miss l icon.

-Small fixe.

More Info:



Download: Releas by chhu_ac

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