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Free Android Market |Walk The World v1.4 (1.4) Android Apk App

Written By Unknown on Sunday, September 2, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Walk The World v1.4

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: Andro 2.1 or higher

Overview: Real beauty of the landscape, river, city corr and village are reveal by foot. T is helpful for your health, give an excellent emotion and memorie after return home. Explore the World on your foot, visit sacr place, take a break to feel lo life be, sounds and smell. Try to dissolve in unusual culture, wear strange cloth, hear exotic voice, and try to e wh is before you may seem completely idible. Walk around the World with a good map and a nice mood. Famous interet place (with short decription), selection of hotel to stay, and hundreds of retaurant, shops, exhibition arenas – all of t stuff is inide your device with GPS oriention and no cesary intert conction. The applicion da is bas on opentreetmaps.org, and use it own render engi. The applicion ed not intert conction for map da download. Applicion has fa and smooth zoom in/. Applicion da is quite a compact (vector, not bitmap form).


Perm. T is not Europe, not Siberia, not Tundra, not a famous Russian so l «golden r»: Souzdal, Vladimir, Rostov the gre. And of coure, Perm is not like a busy Russian capital citie- Moscow, St.Peterburg. T is remote, but big city, loc in the way to “nowhere”, uxplor by organiz tour and CNN hot video report. Perm? Where is it? Not even everyo in Russian can correctly pick a point on the map of huge, imperial-siz Russia. Wooden Jeus sculpture (mixture of ancient gods beliefs and Russian orthodox christianity), beautiful and giant Kungur cave, famous classic art exhibition and motherland of heavy disput modern strange “r people” sculpture – Perm and Perm region is still of typi touri track and absolutely not touch by the “Loly plat effect”. Ask Frommer – you may get illusive feel, th t city doe not exi! Maybe it☺s too small? No! The city☺s populion is approach 1 million of people. T is important industrial and commercial center, busy tranport hub and the base of popular TV soap opera “Real Brother”.


- Add system menu support + r


- Add a lot of popular touri place: xt candide ☺ Bali(Indoia), Stockholm (Sweden).

- Remove text flicker dur zoom

- Street name are not fit to street polygon

- Thick highway li should have round corr

- Some text clipp/mixture

- Street conction is not perfect

- Add house number and fa search on addres (street name + house number)

- Improve performance of the graphics render engi

- Map rotion with device oriention change


- Intert, WiFi, FiLocion: all t for more exact device position detection. No ads, no viruse, no spam.


If you like our app, please add “star” to our app r

Recent change:

- Triangle clipp bug fix

- Opera There locion is fix

- Some misprint are fix

- Modern art museum Perm locion is fix

- Some walk track are display as dott li

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