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Free Android Market |ZDbox (All-In-One toolbox) v3.8.238 (3.8.238) Android Apk App

Written By Unknown on Sunday, September 30, 2012 | 9:00 AM

ZDbox (All-In-O toolbox) v3.8.238

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: Andro verion 1.5 and higher

Overview: ZDbox is an amaz all-in-o toolbox. Five star in xda forum.


ZDbox will helps you to get more free internal pho storage space☺more quikly pho runn speed, extend your btery life ,protect your individual privacy.improve your sleep quality,give you more beautiful and useful widget.

ZDbox is an amaz all-in-o toolbox. Five star in xda forum.

ZDbox is an amaz and free all-in-o toolbox. It holds a collection of useful tool and has a nice and easy to use interface. With ZDbox you☺re gett your mobile/cell pho under control, do easily some optimizion and customize it to your eds. An esential tool which you will love!

☺ Widget: Keep screen always on, kill all task, WiFi on/off, airpla mode on/off, brights adjustment, sound sett, rote screen on/off, bluetooth on/off, start/stop sync, switch between 2G/3G/4G, app lock on/off, GPS on/off, APN on/off (mobile acces point), flashlight on/off

Btery: Monitor and show lot of informion ab remain btery time, temperure, health, time since la boot, cesary time until full charge and so on

o tap power saver ☺click btery sav button to turn Btery sav mode on/off. Turn off Btery sav mode to reume the previous mobile stus before btery sav.

☺ Traffic counter: Monthly/daily mobile da usage overview, show remain da traffic, detail da usage informion for each app.

☺ Do not disturb: Ju set days and the time when you ed your privacy and you won☺t be disturb by your pho. Set pho to silent, vibrion or airpla mode.

☺ App lock: Protect apps with a password or ptern, for exmaple your contact, Facebook, Twitter, Whapp,Gmail and so on

☺ Task killer: Kill all apps once, defi protect apps which won☺t be kill, set auto kill when screen get lock, mark sle or multiple apps to kill

☺ tory eraser☺clean your☺Brower tory,market search tory,Google Map search tory,Gmail search tory,Clipboard☺

☺ Notificion bar: O tap on the bar show remain btery time, runn apps, how much da traffic is left and if app lock is active or not. A tap on thee informion start ZDbox.

☺ Unintaller: Show us/available internal and SD card memory. Apps can be easily unintall. Sle or multiple (bch) unintall possible.

☺ App to SD: Move apps to your SD card. Sle or multiple (bch) move possible. Only for Andro 2.2 and 2.3.

☺Cache Clear:With Cache Clear you can clean your cache of pho.protect your secret with a trace.


1.☺cache clear ☺may not work on andro 4.0,it☺s because of the bug of system.


If U have any problem, please contact us firt: service@zdwork.com

Prompt communicion is better than o star comment☺


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