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Free Android Market |FolderSync v2.2.2 (2.2.2) Android Apk App

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 | 9:00 PM

FolderSync v2.2.2

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: Andro verion 2.1 and higher

Overview: FolderSync enable easy sync of file between cloud storage and Andro device.


FolderSync is a applicion th enable simple sync to cloud bas storage to and from lo folder on the device memory card. It currently support multiple SkyDrive, Dropbox, SugarSync, Ubuntu O, Box.t, LiveDrive, HiDrive, Google Docs, NetDocument, Amazon S3, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV or window share (Samba/CIFS) account, and support for more plform are pland.

Effortlesly sync your file. Backup your music, picture and other important file from the pho to your cloud storage or the other way around. It has ver been easier. Tasker / loe support enable fi graid control of your syncs.

FolderSync alo contain a full file manager, th enable you to manage your file loly and in the cloud. Copy, move and delete your file in your cloud/remote account. Support for creion/deletion of bucket in Amazon S3. Upload and download file from the pho. It’s all support.

You could alo try the lite verion, so you can tet functionality before you buy. The lite verion only allow o account and has no sync filter or Tasker support.

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The full change log can be found here:


Please read the FAQ. I have addres mo comment there:


Detail decription:

You can choose any folder on the memory card to sync. Currently o-way and two-way sync are support. Sync interval and other sync sett can be specified for each sync item you configure. You set up a folderpair to sync and it will automily keep your file in sync.

Current support provider:

☺ Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service

☺ Dropbox

☺ SugarSync

☺ NetDocument

☺ Google Docs

☺ Box.t (WebDAVs)

☺ LiveDrive (WebDAV/FTP)

☺ HiDrive (WebDAV/FTP)


☺ FTPS (SSL/TLS implicit)

☺ FTPES (SSL/TLS explicit)

☺ SFTP (SSH File Tranfer)

☺ Samba/CIFS/Window Share

☺ Ubuntu O

☺ WebDAV


Current feure:

☺ Intant (full verion)

☺ Multiple account (full verion)

☺ File manager – manage your cloud file

☺ Amazon S3 Client Side Encryption support

☺ Tasker/loe support (full verion)

☺ User defid sync filter (full verion)

☺ Sync to and from you select provider

☺ Two-way sync with support for deletion

☺ Backup/retore sett

☺ User specified sync interval or specific sync time

☺ Choose conction type for each sync item

☺ Support for sync of subfolder

☺ Sync of hidden file can be disabl

☺ No ads (full verion)

Wh’s in t verion:

Verion 2.2.2 (02-10-2012):

-Add fix to allevie problem with reach Google Drive quota limit.

-Fix so more than 100 file can be shown in Google Drive folder.

- Add fa scroll to listview.

- Add Japae tranlion.

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