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Free Android Market |TSF Shell v1.7.5 (1.7.5) Android Apk App

Written By Unknown on Friday, October 5, 2012 | 9:00 PM

TSF Shell v1.7.5

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: Andro verion 2.2 and higher

Overview: TSF Shell 3D is an interface with brand w oper system.

Enable you to freely peronalize various widget to a full range. Let☺s say goodbye to the traditional operion system.

For more detail of the release troy and the demo of all verion please acces to the follow link




Enable you to do multipul-operion, includ auto-arragement, multipul-choice, add-to-folder, multipul-delet, to the item by only o move of the fer. You can alo check your folder in various ways.

TSF SHELL 3D has o app page and 4 peronaliz page for our user. You can switch between page by o click the switch button in the lower left corr.

You can freely cree o or more quicklink for apps and drag them to any page. You can alo distribute all the app icon (or even change their angle) freely in the peronaliz page.

The side column provide the mo TSF Shell 3D chareristic widget, includ folder, contact, music player, weher and so on.

The side column can be peronaliz as well, includ chang the order and position of different cagorie. You can cree quicklink of your mo frequently us apps and contact in the quick launch in the side column.

TSF Shell 3D has a mo powerful theme function. Apart from the difference in style, some theme even allow change in the tranition animion.



1.The folder where the applicion is les than 8, only to circle the icon into the folder.

2.The folder where the applicion is more than 8, only to drag the icon ftom the folder.

Wh’s in t verion: Verion 1.7.5 Beta

1.Dektop Lock and Slide Unlock.

2.Auto Hidden Side Menus.



1.White block for icon and widget on some device.

2.Crashe when us folder on some device.

T app has no advertisement

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